SKY TV – Provided by KPK

Sky Tv is a wonderful way to get entertainment in you home. If you are looking at installing Sky, the prices can may make you think twice because of the price of the equipment and installation.

KPK offers a unique solution for you by providing you with a low cost alternative. You can rent the box and equipment required as part of your monthly cable cost. If the 50 free channels aren’t enough, you can also rent the viewing cards and KPK will assist you in getting them loaded with the channels you and your family need/want so that your not paying for things you won’t use.

With purchase of the sky box you receive a 1 year warranty  but KPK’s rental plan means that this 1 year warranty will actually cover you for the entire rental period (even past that year).

The contract is for one year, but after the first year, you are paying month to month and will receive a reduction in premium. If you decide to cancel, you only need to give KPK one months notice after the contract ends.

Give them a call today for all the details or check them out online!

TEL.:       +49 (0)2451 – 49 00 682

FAX:       +49 (0)2451 – 49 00 683



KPK Business Facebook Page

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1 Response to SKY TV – Provided by KPK

  1. Andrew says:

    This is also an opportunity to watch SKY TV, any film or any TV show in other places abroad too.

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