Füchschen Altbier Brauerei in Düsseldorf

Altbier is typical of Düsseldorf, just like Kölsch beer is unique to Köln. There are several breweries in Düsseldorf where you can try it right out of the barrel. Füchschen is one of four breweries in the Altstadt, the others being Uerige, Schlüssel and Kürzer. We visited Füchschen on a Saturday around 5pm and the bar area was already packed with people drinking “Alt” and watching the futball game.

The restaurant area is filled with long 8-10 person tables where you seat yourself. The only way to make a reservation is to reserve an entire table with a group of 8 or more. Many of the tables had reservation cards on them for 7:30, so we told the waiter we would be gone by then and took a seat. Menus for the restaurant are available in pdf on their website. The Sauerbraten seemed to be the popular choice among the Germans and my husband would agree that it is a good choice, but everything I saw looked delicious. So next time you’re in the Altstadt, stop by and grab an Alt and some authentic German food.

Ratinger Straße 28, Düsseldorf
Open Daily

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