Carolus Thermen – Thermal Baths in Aachen

With the cold of winter quickly approaching, new and creative ways of warming up, aside from staying at home, are definitely on the mind. One option is to visit Carolus Thermen. They are open daily, from 9am to 11pm and are even open on Christmas and New Years for a few hours.

I went to the pools with my husband during the summer. I thought the pools would be really serene based on the website, however, it ended up being like most public pools, minus the rough-housing of kids. On a side-note, kids 6 years and older are allowed at the pool with adult supervision as long as they act appropriately.

The parking lot was easy to find and we made our way into the complex without difficulty. Your first stop is at the entrance desk to get your chip coins, which will be used to buy anything while you are at the pools. After you have the coins you head towards the locker rooms. First there are small lockers for your valuables to your left. If there aren’t enough lockers, you can go downstairs, where there are more lockers. Everyone with a coin should get a key, which can be worn like a bracelet in the pools and will hold your chip coin so you don’t loose it. The locker room is surrounded by changing rooms. Enter the changing room, get into your swim suit then head into the locker room. Your key from the smaller locker will have a corresponding big locker to put all of your clothes. After you’re ready, just follow the signs to the pools.

There are two separate areas, Thermal World and Sauna World. We stayed in Thermal World which includes around 10 different pool options, most of which are warm (around 90°F). Swimsuits are required in Thermal World.

Sauna World is accessed through an entrance in Thermal World, but is a completely separate area.  This area has about 15 different saunas as well as all of the spa services. Sauna World costs a bit extra. Sauna World does not allow swimsuits.

There are three restaurants to choose from if you get hungry as well. Remember to bring your own towels, as they are quite expensive to rent. Also remember flip flops, the more distinctive the better. You’ll want to be able to find them in the mass of other flip flops outside each of the pool entrances.

After your visit you will make your way back towards the entrance desk, where you will pay your bill. Remember to get parking paid for and validated (2,50) at the desk too.

Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen
Stadtgarten / Passstr. 79
52070 Aachen

You can see the opening hours and prices here.

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