SnowWorld Indoor Ski Park in Landgraaf

One of the largest indoor ski parks is just 30 minutes away in Landgraaf, NL. SnowWorld boasts two main slopes at about 520m in length, one of which currently has moguls on one side. There are also two smaller slopes for beginners to practice on. There is a fun park located at the top of the hill as well for the freestyle snowboarders.

Our Experience:
We showed up at SnowWorld on a Tuesday at around 1830 and bought our ski-passes and equipment rentals at the desk on the main level. Four two people getting the Evening special and equipment rental, it cost about €75. We then walked downstairs to pick up our boots, put our stuff in the lockers, then pick up our skies. Hold onto the paper equipment rental receipts to trade in for the equipment. Also, keep your ski pass handy to get in and out of the slopes. Once we had our skies, we went onto the slope, which is also where the rental ski poles are located. There are two lifts for the big slopes, a chair lift and a rope tow. It’s possible to get to both slopes from both lifts. We are pretty inexperienced so we practiced a little on the practice slopes on the right before going up the big hill. The slopes didn’t start to get busy until around 2000 so getting there around 1800 is definitely the way to go if you like to have the slope to yourself.

What’s available:
2 hour or 4 hour ski-pass (there are monthly and yearly passes for avid skiers)
Gear rental – ski, snowboard, boots, poles, skisuits and helmets are all available to rent
Rental lockers – Cost €0,50 and can probably hold everything for a whole family
Instructors – One hour trial lessons are available for €8,90. They also have 4 and 12 week courses for kids and adults.
Restaurants – There are three restaurants and several bars available to anyone and an Après-Ski halfway up the hill.

Prices for skiing/snowboarding and equipment rental are here. They also have monthly specials that usually consist of a ski-pass and dinner.

Evening Special:
This is where you can save a bunch of money. This special starts at 1800 everyday and gets you a 4 hour ski pass. If you stay any longer than an hour, this deal is worth it.
Monday-Saturday €24,95
Sunday €17,95
There are some other specials, including a Family pass, listed here.

The Outdoor Park is also located here and is opening in March (weather permitting). I wrote about my experience here.

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