Centro Mall – Europe’s largest indoor mall

That’s Right! According to the Centro website, this is the largest mall in Europe. I have to say that it wouldn’t surprise me since it is rather spectacular.

The store list could go on forever, but they have everything popular and even some things from “home” for us Americans. Take Hollister… Yep, they have one! In the food court they have it all too with a mix of foods to choose from. Burger king (outside) and McDonalds, KFC, Subway, a Donner shop, Bubble tea, etc. You name a type of food, they most likely have it…


Over 200 shops in the Mall are open Monday – Saturday from 10am – 10pm.
Fr – Sa: 10am – 10pm

Most of the catering outlets and leisure facilities on the Promenade are already open at 11 am in the morning and remain open after midnight.

Now what’s the promenade you ask?!? Oh its just the most beautiful area outside the mall. Just walk down the mall steps outside the food court and there are restaurants galore. During the Xmas season they have a tiny Christmas Markt too. It is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon on a nice day. Much better to eat out there in the summer then in the food court!

Basically, to sum everything up, this place is worth the 1.5 hour drive to Oberhausen. It is something you could spend an entire day viewing.

The attached photos don’t do it justice so please go check it out for yourself. I mean, if nothing else, the mall has three Starbucks so you’ll get a cup of coffee out of it! 😉

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