Meubel Depot -Used/Antique furniture

Another wonderful way to pick up some local furniture of quality is to buy it second hand. Stores like Bis-bis and Meubel Depot are great places to look for these treasures that have been well cared for by their first owner(s).

Anything from wardrobes, bars, dressers, nightstands, cribs, beds, dinning tables and more can be found at a low cost. Look often though because the inventory changes daily!

Bis-Bis is located just a block away so click on the name to go to our blog and read all about that and get a two for one trip to shopping in Sittard!


Dr. Nolenslaan 151
6136 GM Sittard
T: 046 – 210 01 04

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3 Responses to Meubel Depot -Used/Antique furniture

  1. Maggie says:

    Really awesome store and great price/choice. They are pretty new so have a chat with the owner because he’ll nearly always cut you a good deal or get it delivered to your door for free. Just leave the nice stuff for me!

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