Christmas Market Websites – Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and with it come the Christmas Markets or Weihnachtsmarkts.  Most towns in Germany have at least a small market while the large cities, like Cologne, have several markets that you can visit within walking distance of each other.  You’ll find handmade goods of all varieties at these markets and you can be sure to find unique gems at each one. Gluwein, warm spiced wine in red, and sometimes white varieties, and Kinderpunch for the kids is readily on hand along with all the German food stands you’ve come to know and love.  So dress warm and put on your walking shoes. It’s going to be a fun and cheerful month.

I’ve compiled a list of websites that can help you out in planning your Christmas Market excursions.  Some markets will be open by mid-November with most starting by the beginning of December.

Germany – is a good place to start your search. Everything is in English, they give descriptions of the different markets along with the dates and times of each, and they give the link to the official market page if you want to do more research. The list however is not as comprehensive as the next link. has a huge list of markets, along with the same summary information as the first site. I tested the site out using Google Translate with no problems.  You can also filter the list by region or look at their list for markets in other countries. Their Termine gives you a summary of the opening dates for all of the markets listed. lists all of the markets in France. You can narrow down your search to a Province (a map of French Provinces is here) and narrow further to major city location. The marches permanents are the markets that will be open the entire season.

Belgium -I had a hard time finding a good list for Belgium Christmas Markets, along with should point you in the right direction. Also worth noting is that some Belgian markets will continue until New Years. again lists some of the larger city markets.  There is also, which allows you to search by region, although they don’t have much listed for the Limburg province.

Luxembourg – The main market will be in Luxembourg City. More information can be found here.

If you have any great websites you use to plan your Christmas market adventures, let us know in the comments.

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