5€ Movies on Tuesdays at the Foroxity

This deal (Voordeel Dinsdag) is still going on. You pay 1€ extra for 3-D movies and it’s not valid for special events or on January 1, 2013, but otherwise, this will save you €2,50 on each ticket!

UPDATE: I have since found out that €5 movies on Tuesdays happens at many of the movie theaters here. So check out your movie theater’s prices online. You can probably cash in on this deal too.

There is also a Sneak Preview movie every Tuesday at 20:30. The movie is a surprise and is usually something that will be released in the Netherlands in the next week or so. You can ask the cashier if the movie is in English and what category it is (action, horror, etc.) so you don’t pay to watch a Dutch movie accidentally.

The movie schedule is updated on http://www.forox.nl under “Dag Overzicht”. Remember that (OV) at the end of a title means the movie is the original version with Dutch sub-titles while (NL) means that the movie has been dubbed into Dutch.

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