If you haven’t read it yet, I recently blogged about Disney Paris.

Basically, we stayed outside of Paris at a hotel with a free shuttle. We did Disneyland one day and Paris the next. Anthony and I hopped on the free shuttle to Disney and took the train from Disney Station. It was very easy and cheap. We spent 20€ each to have an all day unlimited train pass. We really got our money’s worth too!!!

We did the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs-Elysées, Arc du Carrousel, and Arc de Triomphe. I recommend looking up attractions.

As these places are spread apart, we used the trains to get around. We probably hopped on twenty to twenty five different trains as we moved through the city. It was very easy to navigate and figure out. I was able to understand it quickly and easily. Before this I had never ridden the trains and no, I do not speak much French.

Your hotel concierge can give you a basic explanation but you can look at the signs and know if the train pulling in is going to your stop. Trains run every 3-5 minutes at all stops so there isn’t much of a wait. If the sign says “Court” it means the train will be a short one and you should walk to the front of where it will be so you may board.

This train is only going to the places highlighted. If you need to go elsewhere, you must wait for a different train. Also in the bottom right corner (click to enlarge photo) you see “TRAIN COURT”. This when highlighted means to move towards the front which is marked on the ground. If you are too far back and the train is short, you will have to run!

The Louvre was quite empty until you got to the Mona Lisa, and it is also EXTREMELY large. I don’t think I could ever express how BIG this place is. To say the least, it would take days before you could see it all!!!

As for everything else, it is mostly free unless you want to go up into the Eiffel or the Arc de Triomphe. These things are inexpensive, but will be time consuming because of the lines. You should show up at opening time to avoid waiting for hours.

All in all, this was a great trip and something that is easily kept within a budget (see the Disney post for cost on the hotel we used).

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