Schuhcenter & Schuhtreff -Shoe Stores in Heinsberg

Owned by the same company and across the street from each other, these two stores are a worth while stop. Although they did have a few identical pairs of shoes at both of the stores, for the most part, each store sold different items. The shoe stores are very large and you will almost be able to guarantee that you can find anything you need. The prices were pretty great too which you can see online.  (we cannot post the direct link per the companies request, but you can copy/paste it)

So pick an address and park. They are walking distance! (Also, a fellow reader advised us that they accept the VAT form!!!!)

Both stores have the same opening hours:

Monday thru Friday 0900-2000

Saturday 0900-1800


Borsigstr. 38  Heinsberg



Humboldtstraße 20 Heinsberg, Germany

02452 2026

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