Disney Paris

After being raised right next to Anaheim Disney, there is one thing I’m crazy about…. MICKEY MOUSE! I don’t have kids, but this summer, my husband and I booked a hotel and went to Disneyland Paris.

Our vacation like all good vacations started online. We checked out several websites and found the best deal on a hotel at Booking.com. It was a “super saver” deal and they only had a limited amount of rooms at the special rate. The normal rate for the hotel was 480€. I had looked at this hotel the day before booking and had kept looking around for a better deal on any hotel. So when I saw 279€ for three nights at Park & Suites, I booked it right then and there! This was the price for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday stay in September. We went during the week and after school started in order to get a better rate and also to avoid crowds/long lines at Disneyland.

On arrival at the hotel, we took the free shuttle they offer (which is a nice tour bus) and we made our way to Disney Village. It’s a free area of the park with stores and restaurants. It was a great way to spend the evening without paying for admission to the park since it was already 4pm by the time we arrived. We ate at Planet Hollywood, but they had a McDonald’s and a handful of other choices as well. We also shopped and got 90% of our souvenirs so that we wouldn’t have to carry them all around the next day! This was a nice evening and it did give us the opportunity to buy our Disneyland entrance tickets with NO line! You are able to purchase them at the gate and just let them know you want them for the next day. (The prices are listed on their website below)

Tuesday, we hopped on the shuttle yet again and made it to Disney. They opened the park at 10:00 and stay open till 22:00. We did ALL the rides and attractions in about 6 hours because the lines were all less then 15 minutes. It is based after Anaheim Disney almost exactly, but of course it was built in 1992 instead of 1955 so it’s a bit newer! 😉

We ended up eating lunch and dinner at the park. For 11.99€ each, we had lunch at a burger fast food cafeteria. It was very similar to McDonald’s in taste and came with a large drink and a small ice cream. Very yummy!!! For dinner we went to a deli on mainstreet and had subs for about 6€ each. They were okay, but nothing to write home about.

All in all, this was a fabulous experience. On Wednesday, we opted to take the shuttle to Disney because it is right next to a train station and we went to Paris for the tourist sites. That’s for another blog though so stay tuned! Just know that the option is certainly available and we didn’t have to switch hotels or get taxis. NICE AND EASY!

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