We set our goal on conquering Brussels in a day and we may have eaten our way through it, but we didn’t even see 25% of what there is to see. If you really want the opportunity to check it out, I highly recommend staying the night. This is a wonderful city and full of adventure.

We started our morning at the Don Quixote statue. It was right next to the parking so that made it convenient! Finding the parking in the area was relatively easy and the parking garage is gigantic! For the day we spent about 13,60€ on parking for 7 hours. (see website below for exact fees and address)

From the parking we walked in the center and started shopping for chocolate. Belguim as you are probably aware is known for chocolate, waffles and beer, among other things. The chocolate is amazing and it’s so rich, one piece is truly enough to satisfy you.

After this, we checked out the square which was beautiful. The buildings are incredible and you will want several photos.

One of the more famous things in Brussels is the Manneken Pis. It’s a small boy peeing into a fountain. Originally built in the 1600s, there are many stories about why it exists. The more popular is because a sculpture lost his son and asked the town’s people to help find him. When they found him, the man promised to build a sculpture of what the boy was doing when the discovered him. He was peeing…. So as a thanks, he built the sculpture that people came to know and love. In the 1700s, the people of Brussels protected it from being stolen twice but the third attempt to steal it was successful and the thieves broke the statue into pieces. A replica was built and now, famous people bring it an outfit and it is dressed for all special occasions. The Manneken Pis has over 400 costumes from around the world and from presidents, prime ministers, ambassadors, etc.

In the 80’s the town built a female to accompany the male. She is a few alleys away, but she is a sight to behold. For the adults, they will want to find her as she is located next to the bar: Delirium. If you haven’t heard of this place, you can look them up in the Guinness book of records for having the most beers out of any bar in the world. They have a phone book menu that lists over 2,004 DIFFERENT beers. You can buy the book as a souvenir for about 5€. The upstairs has 14 or so beers on tap, but the secret is to go down the stairs. This is where a large bar is and it is where they serve those 2,004 beers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though, because most Belgium Beers have 7-13% alcohol by volume. This is why you might want to spend the night in Brussels!

After walking around and seeing a few more sites, we ended up eating at a restaurant located next to Delirium where they served a fish dish that was for 2 people. A bit expensive and the fish was a tad overcooked, but we enjoyed it regardless. It included prawns, mussels, and two kinds of fish for each person. You should definitely look around at the menus posted outside the restaurants and see what appeals to you at an affordable rate. It is very expensive to eat in Brussels. Lunch consisting of mussels and fries was 23€ for one person and didn’t include the cost of the drinks.

In conclusion, this is a great place to spend the day seeing the sites or shopping and it’s a really great place to spend the night and enjoy the night-life if you can break away from the kids for a day!

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Parking Grand Place 
104, rue Marché aux Herbes
1000 Brussels

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