Valkenburg – caves and ruins

An adorable town that holds many wonders, I can say that Valkenburg was truly worth a look. I had heard of the Christmas Markts in the caves, but to be fair, I think that this was a great trip and it had nothing to do with the Markts. Not to say you won’t be reading about them come this Christmas!!!

My husband and I rode the motorcycle down to Valkenburg and enjoyed a beautiful trip. Upon arrival, we parked and took off to find out what the town itself was like. It turned out to be a busy but sweet little town with lots of little shops. After making our way through, we found a place to eat. It was nothing out of the ordinary, unless you count that they had many more options for Belgium’s finest beers than I’ve seen in the GK area.

A short walk away was the castle ruins. The best deal is to buy the combo since you pay for a dual ticket to the ruins and the caves and save money. The entrance to the caves is just across a small alley and very convenient.

(For info on days/time and ticket info, please see the links below!)

There are two sets of caves to explore, the Gemeentegrot and Fluweelengrot. Between the caves and the ruins, you will do a lot of walking. Also, the tour to the caves is only in Dutch, but they will give you an info sheet in English. You must read it first because you will not be able to read in the caves and you won’t want to miss seeing around you and having a sense of what it means.

Andrea’s family joined us for this adventure and the kids had a pretty good time. It is definitely something that slightly older kids may enjoy as they can climb all over the ruins and for moms, it’s a lovely photo opportunity.

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