Yumi All you can eat! – Japanese Sushi & Grill Restaurant, Sittard, NL

Yumi is located in the Sittard Centrum next to Thaiphoon and is an “all you can eat” Sushi restaurant. This was a wonderful place to eat and we adored the view of the Sittard Centrum. Compared to other sushi places we’ve tried, this one was probably the best and as far as price, it was about equal with everywhere else.

With the option of all you can eat sushi, you can do up to 5 rounds per person with a max of 5 items each round. The menu of items included about 75 different options ranging from sushi, handrolls, spring rolls, gyozas and more. You have the ability to mix and match your rolls with appetizers and soups.You only have 2.5 hours to eat for the price of the all you can eat. Also, you cannot have more then the five rounds, but I have never heard of anyone making it to round five at any sushi place yet.

The cost is 17€ per person for lunch & 21.50€ per person for dinner (weekend nights is 23,50€). The menu also includes ala carte items for take away, or if you don’t want the “all you can eat”.  After you complete your rounds or your time limit, you may let them know you are done and ask what the ice cream flavors are. The ice cream is included in your sushi price and they had about 5 flavors to choose from. I had the green tea as it is my favorite!

(warning, as with all sushi places that offer All-you-can-eat, do not order more then you can finish as they will charge you for waste and this can become very expensive!!!!)

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1 Response to Yumi All you can eat! – Japanese Sushi & Grill Restaurant, Sittard, NL

  1. Figanootz says:

    Excellent Sushi. You will not leave hungry.

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