Mosae Forum : Maastricht

The large town of Maastricht has a mall atop the parking structure that you use to visit the architecture and history. It is called the Mosae Forum and it’s pretty awesome! Maas is plumb full of shops, but only in this mall can you do it all without getting wet!

A list of the stores is below. I have only included descriptions for the stores I particularly liked, but there are more.

50/50: Fashion and Decoration

Amazing Oriental: Food

Antony Morato: Sophisticated (kinda) fashion

Bufkes: Food

Esprit: Clothing

EDC Esprit: Clothing

Grand Cafe: Food

H&M: Clothing

Disini: Accessories- Very cute Claire’s with style. Accessories for your cute european wardrobe.

Intersport: One of 1430 stores in Germany this store provides the sports enthusiast with the equipment they need to preform at their best.

Jumbo: Supermarket

Kap-Tif: Hair dresser

Kruidvat: Wellness, think Walgreens

Maison Florop: Food specialties

Pajar: Shoes

Preuve Limburg: Food Specialties

Saveurs: Food

Schoenenreus: Footwear

S. Olivers: Clothing- a store that has made it’s name all across europe specializing in laid back clothing for the family. This store is very much like most clothing stores around with a moderate pricetag.

Sissy Boy Homeland: Cute and boutiquey. I like to look around this shop if not to buy, but to soak up the design.

Subway: Heck yeah! You can smell it from the street.

The Sting: The Sting and Lady Sting, check out this store for a different take on younger european fashion.

Turquoise Mosae Gusto: Food

Your nails & Beauty: Salon

Van Haren Schoenen: Footwear

Van Melik Du Chef: Food

Q-park is directly under the mall for parking convenience (for a fee):

Maasboulevard 40, 6211 JW Maastricht, The Netherlands


About Andrea-Haynes

I am a fellow blogger and traveler extraordinaire! I enjoy taking day trips and exploring all of the local cultural experiences with my fellow blogger Amanda! I have 2 children and hope that my experiences with them will help you to make your traveling choices.
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