Biohofladen-Selfkant -Organic Food Store

Located in Selfkant this health food store of sorts is a bio lovers paradise. In Germany, products marked “Bio” are organic items that have a higher standard then your average food does. Bio items  may only be marked as such on the label of the product if at least 95% of the ingredients of agricultural origin come from organic farming. Water, salt, yeast and a few expressly authorized additives are not considered agricultural ingredients and are therefore not taken into account in this calculation. Consumers can rest assured that products labelled with any of these terms at least meet the standard of the EU Organic Farming Regulation.

This store had cheese, bread, fruit, veggies, meat, wines, and canned/jarred items. It even included food for your beloved cat or dog.

Although small, the selection is fabulous and fresh.  Give it a try!

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Selfkant street o146
53258  Selfkant
Phone: 02455/930 082

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