Schneiderwind – Aachen Cigar/whiskey/hookah shop

My husband drooled all over himself in this store. It is loaded with more cigar and whiskey options then you thought existed. With amazing selection and even rare collections, this is a wonderful place to take the man that loves cigars or whiskey. The staff spoke English and were quite helpful in helping Andrea select a cigar for her friend’s birthday. They do also carry hookahs and the tobacco for them if you are looking. This shop was well priced with items for the low and high end budget. Of course you get what you pay for, so if you want that 1930’s bottle of whiskey, prepare to spend all your pay!


Kramerstrasse 13-15 Aachen 52062

0241 30837

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2 Responses to Schneiderwind – Aachen Cigar/whiskey/hookah shop

  1. wingclipped says:

    We were thinking about stopping off at Aached on a planned trip from Brussels to Cologne. Thank you for the post – I am now sold on the idea!

    • Wonderful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. If you look under “things to do” there is a “cities” section that has more info on things to do in Aachen. It is about the day trip without shopping. So between that info and the shopping, you’ll have a wonderful time.
      I wish you safe travels!!!! 🙂

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