Van Cranenbroek

A superstore by anyone’s standards, this is an inexpensive place to find just about anything. Andrea’s mission was to find a tent for the Air Force Sergeants Association. She found it alright! A nice quality tent approx. 10’x10′ in size and only 40€. BARGAIN!

I enjoyed this store and found many home decor items that I’d love to go back and look through. I know my hubby will be kept busy and distracted by all the tools and such too, so it’s a win win for us!


Van Cranenbroek Landgraaf

Minckelersstraat 1 PP 6372 Landgraaf, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 45-5213430

• Open from 930 to 1800
• Saturday Open from 830 to 1700
• Thursday Late night shopping until 2000
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