T’loons (mall with carnival/party/costume store)

This mall has it all!!!! A grocery store, chocolate shop, gift shop, hema, blokker, electronics store, C&A, sports store and more. That’s just inside…. Outside is the greatest Carnival/party/costume shop ever! (see pics/click to enlarge).

Andrea and I checked everything out and had a lot of fun in the process. There were several places to eat so if you want to have a couple of fun hours shopping and having a bite to eat, this is your place.

You can park in the Q-park downstairs and walk outside to the party store from the second floor exit in the mall, but the parking does cost money. The other option is to park upstairs from the Q-park which is free. You simply drive down the street that the Q-park entrance is on and then take a right into the parking lot. This is where the party store and the other mall entrance is.

Homerusplein 1, 6411 AW

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