Margraten Cemetery – NO COST – Open Sundays

Every Memorial weekend has a special ceremony at Margraten Cemetery. Although I was unable to attend this event on Sunday, I did spend Memorial Day with our soldiers.

My husband and I rode our motorcycle about 40 minutes to Margraten Cemetery to visit the soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Buried here are 8,301 soldiers. All of these graves have been adopted by local people out of gratitude for their liberation.

As you enter, there are two Tablets of the Missing on which are recorded 1,722 names. The rosettes mark the names of those who were recovered and identified.

Once you have visited the cemetery, you may want to drive the 5 km to the neighboring town of Valkenburg to visit the many wonders it holds.

Open 0900-1700 —- open everyday except Christmas and New Years


Other References

Amerikaplein 1
NL-6269 ZG Margraten
The Netherlands

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