Lego Land – Gunzburg, Germany

It was my son’s birthday just 2 brief months after we arrived here at GK. Being the awesome parents we are, we wanted to plan a trip to his most sought after adventure: Lego Land! I began researching in mid March for the best deals; first going to and checking the tab for Lego Land Germany. It is located about 4 and a half hours from GK in Gunzburg, Germany. I researched the hotels and found great deals and then even better deals and finally decided to go with Parkhotel Schmid Superior as our hotel. Good news is that Lego Land had a special going for the weekend of Easter that allowed us 2 days for the price of one! Parkhotel worked for us because it boasted a family room with tons of toys, internet access, a close proximity, and an awesome indoor heated pool! A beer garden is also open in the summer months. The service was amazing. The food was delicious. I could not say anything negative about this hotel.

A preview of our trip to Lego Land Germany

Lego Land started immediately as we arrived via car at our hotel. We only checked in and then sped to our destination. The kids were stoked. We had printed our tickets easily at the website and so checking in was easy and electronic. The park has tons of activities, rides, food vendors, and events. We started off at the Imagination section where we rode rides and took Lego classes. The classes presented certificates to the children (or adults) who completed their Lego projects. All was free! Then we went to the pirates cove where we enjoyed getting sprayed by some very naughty children and sprayed them back on the pirate ride. It was cold so we warmed up for 2 euro in their convenient  warming booths. The log ride was next. What a thrill!! We did get wet again, but did not care! We wanted to go again, and again…

Lunch was eaten at an Asian Cafe. We spent a little over 20€ for our Asian fast food and then visited the mini Lego City. Many people were checking out this area, taking pictures and just admiring the fantastic talent that it takes to create such beautiful art out of Legos. Many European cities were replicated including Dusseldorf, Berlin, and more. The star wars exhibit is what had my family in awe. Life sized Darth Vader’s and Luke Skywalkers challenged you to a fight. Replicas of the movies were put on display for all to reminisce. Then the time came to settle back into the hotel.

The pool was first and foremost on my children’s mind so we spent a few hours in the pool swimming and splashing and playing before our stomachs forced us out and to the restaurant. Dinner was pricey but worth it! Prawns and steak, meat and cheeses all greeted us with hungry tummy’s. The service was amazing. The waiters even brought a five star spaghetti dish out to my children and dished it out into two bowls while only charging us one fee. Then grated cheese and presented their food with charm. The beverages were served with ice which I loved.

The room was turned over for us when we went back upstairs. Our children slept on a couch pull out that was comfortable enough for them  and then there was one queen bed for my husband and I. Good accommodations for us sleepy heads.

The next morning was Easter morning so when the children woke up there was one extra basket outside our door from the staff , not the Easter bunny. What a delightful surprise. Our (free) breakfast that morning was even more extravagant than the next would be. We dined on bunny shaped pastries, bacon, eggs, meat and cheeses. A kids buffet was set up to the side with Nutella and breads, candies, and hard boiled decorated eggs. My children felt special.

Lego Land was surprisingly packed! We arrived at the opening time of 10 am and were greeted with hundreds of other smiling faces. Today we visited the Hero Factory, rode the car roller coaster 10 times, and went on their new attraction the Ninjago Dragon. We tried our skills building race cars that went faster than the next person and rode the dragon roller coaster. Our lunch at the Main Cafe was decent and pricey but filled us up for the next few hours of fun. Since today was our last day we dropped a few euro’s at the shops and picked out some souvenirs for those less fortunate back in the States.

We spent the rest of the day at the pool and restaurant mingling and laughing with the other guests. Our children got plenty of use out of their play area down on the bottom floor near the entrance to the pool. The next day was our drive back to GK and we were sad to leave.

I hope that our experience at Lego Land Germany will help you to plan your trip. Take the time to get to know this part of Germany at Lego Land and the surrounding area.

For the same great deal that we got for our tickets and the hotel we stayed at, check out LegoLand’s Website or you can check out Ramstein’s Travel site for their latest deal on a package.

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I am a fellow blogger and traveler extraordinaire! I enjoy taking day trips and exploring all of the local cultural experiences with my fellow blogger Amanda! I have 2 children and hope that my experiences with them will help you to make your traveling choices.
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