Cafe Alte Ziegelei – Burgers and Ice cream

The best burger you can probably find in 100 miles, this is as American as you can get. Yep, your new favorite place to eat! I found this place to be not only appealing to my taste buds, but even more appealing to my eyes. Our view was of a pasture of beautiful horses on one side, of their beautiful courtyard on the other. I can’t wait to eat outside on a warm summer day and I’m sure this place will be packed as they cater to bike riders as well! Don’t forget to eat some of their ice cream from the shop located in the restaurant.

This is paradise in Gangelt! Just walk in and sit in the back with the tables (if you want to sit inside). The menu on the table is only the ice cream stuff, but if you wait till the waiter comes by, they will bring you a dinner menu….

Alte Ziegelei

Ziegeleistraße 13,
52538 Gangelt/Kreuzrath


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