Magic Park- Kids play park – Currently closed

Magic Park has temporarily closed! More information on this will be posted if the situation changes. Thank you!

Tucked back in the Industrial/Business district of Geilenkirchen is a gem of a child’s play place called Magic Park. Two stories tall this hollowed out warehouse houses bounce houses, rides, trampolines and more! Prices are reasonable for a day out with the kids. Adults are 5€ and children are 3€. They have special pricing for groups and birthday parties as well. Additional activities are their “Magic Ice” arena and “Magic Golf” packages. These activities are an additional fee, but the Magic Spielplatz is wonderful in itself. My children and I played there for 3 hours non-stop before we had to leave, but we could have stayed 3 more! We did not play in the Magic Ice Arena nor the Golf course, but we are interested to see how much fun it can be. This type of ice-skating has no real ice but a different substance that is skated on. The golf course is a glow in the dark type. Please share with us your experiences from when you go. There is an 1800’s Carousel, 2 theme park rides, a jungle play area, 6 Olympic sized trampolines housed in one, 2 jumpy houses, a ball pit and for 1€ a circus style trampoline with harnesses that take you to the roof and back! They also have a snack bar with moderately priced food and snacks. Take the family for a day of fun here locally; you will be glad you did!

Max-Planck Str. 14
52511 Geilenkirchen

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I am a fellow blogger and traveler extraordinaire! I enjoy taking day trips and exploring all of the local cultural experiences with my fellow blogger Amanda! I have 2 children and hope that my experiences with them will help you to make your traveling choices.
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