Bonn, Germany

A large city with many things to see and do, along with lots of shopping, this is a great day trip for the family or to take with a friend. From the Gk area is it about 1-1.25 hours away.

Cherry Blossom Avenue-25 Heerstrasse Bonn Germany

This is something that you can’t miss and it only lasts about 2 weeks a year. We went today and the flowers were at the end of the blooming phase but it was still quite beautiful.

There is parallel parking on each side of the street and although there were already many people parked, we still caught a spot at about 9am when we showed up. There were no other tourists around, just a few locals on their bikes. My friend and I walked the street and estimate it to be around a kilometer in length.

Beethoven house– Bonn is the birthplace of Beethoven and hosts many museums and music halls named for him and about his life. Located at Bonngasse 20 is his childhood home and you may take a peek around for 5€ per adult. It is home to a few instruments, paintings, and music sheets that belonged to him. The English paper guide included in your entrance fee and for a few € more, you can rent an audio guide as well.

Bonn Munster– Gerhard-von-Are-Str. 5

This is a beautiful Romanesque Basilica that is open for public viewing. Inside, photo may be taken except in the crypt which is only open to prayer. In the center of this amazing cathedral is a courtyard which is worth a look and a few photos. There is a small area set aside for questions and purchasing of postcards, but other then merchandise, the cost of viewing this gorgeous piece of history is nothing.

The cathedral is in the middle of the centrum so this would be a great point to take some time and explore the area and have a little shopping. With TK MAXX, H&M, and most other major retailers, this is a shoppers paradise. I could have spent the day shopping and stayed busy much less see everything else!

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