A steal of a deal for some things. I thought the curtains were something my wallet could smile at and I found a few small items for my bathroom too. All in all, its worth a look but don’t expect too much. Maybe its different in the states or other countries, but in Germany, I’d say this is a typical discount store. They sold clothes, appliances, school/office supplies and home decor.  So shop away and save!

Woolworth Website

Ostpromenade 103
52525 Heinsberg


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  1. G says:

    As a child, this store was considered a five-and-dime store, meaning it’s goods were 5 & 10 cents.
    It was a huge, very popular chain discount store; the precursor to Walmart and the Dollar Store. Most of them included an “old fashion” soda fountain that served a lunch menu too, except it was not “old fashion” in the fifties, I was a child and this chain was such a popular place to catch a bite to eat. The American chain opened in 1879 and closed for good in 1997. Australia has since stolen the retailer’s name much like Sam Walton stole their concept..

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