Sittard Market – Thursdays

There are two parking garages in Sittard. Both cost €1,00/hr with a max day tariff of €5,00.

ABC Parking: Walstraat 67, Sittard, The Netherlands
(This garage closes at 9pm M-F and 7pm on Sat, Closed on Sunday)
If your trip is less than 30 minutes, you park for free!

Oda Parking: Paardestraat 40 (entrance only) and Haspelsestraat 41 (entrance and exit)
Open 24/7 (Use your parking ticket to use the elevator if the stairs are closed.)
Follow the Green arrows to the “M” section to park close to the Markt.

Other parking options are listed here. The prices might not be current though.

Parking on Sundays is free all day except on Shopping Sundays (Koopzondag) and except at the garages, the same applies for evening parking.

The large Sittard Market is on Thursday from 9am-1pm

The small market (mainly produce, cheese and bread stands) is Saturday 9am-5pm according to this Dutch market search engine.

The Market
This is a great way to get out and they sell everything from shoes, dresses, clothes, fabric, fruit, fish, etc. I mean if you can think it, it’s there and they have lots of stores to shop for anything else you might possibly want! Enjoy because this is a great way to spend the day! Also, look for Bagels and Beans which has great food!

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2 Responses to Sittard Market – Thursdays

  1. Megan says:

    Oda Parking (Paardestraat 40) is an underground parking garage around the market that is open 24/7 and 1,30euro/hr (slightly cheaper than ABC). It also has angled spaces, which is nice. Follow the green “M” signs to get close to the market. Here’s a link with all of the Sittard parking info,

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