Real is your German Super Walmart. It has a wonderful selection of gluten free and lactose free items for families with special food needs. You can purchase cheap and fresh dairy, fruit, veggies, etc. There is a large selection of produce that is currently in season and it changes accordingly. When you bag your items in the produce section you will need to weigh the fruit/veggies and place a sticker on the bag. The machine is next to the produce and there is also one just past the registers, so if they speak to you and point, that’s probably what they are telling you if you didn’t do this yet. Another thing to know is that they have a wonderful selection of shoes, clothes, electronics, etc. We bought many household items here. It is better to buy bulk and use the VAT than to buy an item here or there. Try to plan ahead on getting as much as possible if you like buying non-grocery items. We bought some kitchen appliances, trash cans,  bio bags for the bio waste, etc. We saved a lot of money by planning ahead to get everything we needed at once.

As for wine, we typically find more bottles here than anywhere else. They have a large selection of 2-5€ bottles that are pretty good. We liked the Real Bio Dornfelder ourselves. The price of some of the alcohol is cheaper here than at Schinnen or the Natex so price shop around if you are buying an expensive bottle of something.

To use your VAT form, go to the service counter instead of the regular checkout.

pronounced: Re-all

Real’s Website

Humboldtstraße 26
52525 Heinsberg
Open Mon-Sat 8am-10pm

Boschstraße 4
52531 Übach-Palenberg
Open Mon-Sat 8am-10pm

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2 Responses to Real

  1. Summer says:

    Actually you can weigh your stuff right in the produce section. There are machines and they print out stickers. Just an FYI!

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