Local Veterinarians

I have not used nor endorse any of the following places.This list is purely for information purposes only. Thank you.

Emergency Vet:

On page 2 of the HS Woche, you’ll find a Notdienste (Emergency) section. The listing also gives a number for Tierheim or Animal Shelter. If you need help, they should be able to point you in the right direction.


Geilenkirchen-   Gross & Brosi, Heinsberger str. 6, Geilenkirchen   02451-7055
Walks in- Mon – Sat: 9-12

Geilenkirchen- Dr. Teeuwen, Aachener Str. 1, Geilenkirchen   02451-65069
Closed Sat and Sun / Does health certs.

Gangelt- Dr. Breickmann, Pastor-Fischenich 4, Gangelt (speaks English) -Offers Pet Passports. http://www.tierarztpraxis-dr-breickmann.de

Heinsberg- Dr Merschbrock, Schafhausener 40, Heinsberg   02452-3899

Ubach-Palenberg- Dr. Kloser (He speaks English) Julicher Str. 64, Ubach-Palenberg  02451-44457
Walk ins M-F 10-12

There are many vets in the NL areas as well.

Spangdalhem does offer services on space-A basis.


Hundsalon Mary Nuesser

Bundisstrasse 38, Gangelt-Stahe   02454-938390
(She offers nail trims, hair cuts for dogs and cats, ear cleaning and dog washing/Kennelling)

These and more are listed at on the GK A&FRC information booklet on Military One Source: http://www.militaryonesource.mil/12038/MyDoD/Kennels%20and%20Vets.pdf


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