Foroxity Movie Theater – Sittard and Roermond, NL

Almost everyone in the Netherlands speaks English, which is nice for movie goers because the movies will be subtitles in Dutch instead of dubbed. The same occurs across the border in Belgium.

There are some nice differences between American and the local theaters here. Intermissions happen during every movie, so you’ll have some time to visit the concession stand or facilities then. Wine, beer and some cocktails are available along with the usual candies and sodas. There is usually a choice between sweet or salty popcorn as well. Most movie theaters also have a restaurant linked to it, like Brasserie Foroxity, so you can always come early for dinner beforehand.

On the website, movies are marked with (OV) or (NL) at the end of the title. OV stands for original version, so the movie will only have subtitles. NL means the movie has been dubbed into Dutch or was a Dutch movie to begin with. Usually only kids movies are dubbed, but they will still be available sometimes in subtitles.

Take advantage of Voordeel Dinsdag (Savings Tuesday) if you can. All movie tickets are only €5 on Tuesday (except during the holidays).

Foroxity Filmarena
Rijksweg-Noord 330
6162 AR, Geleen-Sittard

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