After exploring both of the nearest stores, it seems that the Dusseldorf IKEA has a nicer selection of bathroom “schranks” (cabinets) and for less cost. The Heerlen IKEA is much closer but offers a smaller selection, although that selection is still quite sizable. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be like a kid in the candy store because I have never heard of someone who didn’t love going to IKEA!

Please note that if you have German VAT forms, they can be used in Dusseldorf IKEA or any German IKEA, but they CANNOT be used in the Netherlands IKEA. VAT free purchases are possible in the Netherlands, but there are differences depending on which base you are connected to. Please contact your VAT office for more details.

IKEA Germany

IKEA Kaarst
Düsselstraße 2-6, Kaarst DE (Opening Hours)

IKEA Düsseldorf
Oerschbachstr. 75, Düsseldorf DE (Opening Hours)

IKEA Köln-Am Butzweilerhof
Butzweilerstr. 51, Köln DE (Opening Hours)

IKEA Köln-Godorf
Godorfer Hauptstr. 171, Köln DE (Opening Hours)

IKEA Netherlands 

IKEA Heerlen
In de Cramer 142, Heerlen NL (Opening Hours)

IKEA Eindhoven
Ekkersrijt 4089, Son NL (Opening Hours)


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