Dusseldorf, DE

Most people know this city because it has one of the closest airports to us, but it is also a nice place to visit. There was some lovely (and some exclusive) shopping. To get an idea of what stores are in the area, you can download this handy map. We ate at one of the breweries located in the small but charming Altstadt, called Füchschen.The promenade along the Rhein is a nice place to work off a bit of that delicious food or visit one of the many events hosted in the area including Japan Day, a huge Fun Fair or the Fish market (monthly in the summer).

There are plenty of things to see in Dusseldorf listed on their Wikitravel page, but if you’re looking for something old to sightsee, these Ruins are nearby in Kaiserwerth, right by the airport.




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